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  1. Your story about the dying dog stirred my emotions. I love animals, and have raised more than forty cats (not at the same time!) Among them was my favorite cat which had long gray tiger-striped fair.It was a few days old while I was 6 years old. I loved that cat so much and was so attached to it. When I was 14 years old, I came back from school , but could not find it. Days passed and everyday I would ask Grandma about it but her answers were vague. A few months later, wih a broken heart, I gave up all hope of ever seeing it again.
    I never forgot her though, I still have the photo of her and me. Forty years later, months before My Grandma passed away, I told her about my cat and how I never got to know who took her or what happened to her. Puzzled, she looked at me and said:"You mean you still don't know that she was killed by a car... I buried her myself, but never had the courage to tell you lest you become devastated.."..
    Despite all those years I felt devastated. I was not with my cat when she passed away. I believe my Grandma did the right thing. It would surely have broken my heart had I know what really happened.
    Unfortuately, in the world we live in , few people would feel (or react) the way you did on that highway on that rainy day.
    One more thing to say, I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you.