Some of My Favorite Posts

A few of my favorite posts...

The Gift of Rain - first days in Pioneertown

House Building Obsessions

Antelope Island - Great Salt Lake

Amazing Virgin River Gorge

Dreamy Scenic Byway - scenes from the Byway

More Dreamy Byway - scenes from the Byway

I was Here...and I Left my Shoes - the shoe tree phenomenon

Byway Memories - memories of youth, love and loss in Kenya and Uganda

Travel: Memories of Maps, Globes, National Geographic, Big Blue Marble and Exchange Programs

The Loneliest Road in America - journey driving across Nevada

Some Recollections of 20+ Years in WDC in 4 Days

If she was yours...I am so sorry - tragedy on a drive from Santa Clarita to Barstow, California

Butterflies in Liberia - beautiful Byway scene