Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Gift of Rain

Happy Independence Day from Pioneertown!

While most people wish for warm, sunny weather for this summer holiday, I was blessed to be awakened early this morning by the scent, and then the sound of rain.

Rain in the desert is not a common occurrence and its been a dry year. Spring did not bring rains and the usual desert blooms. I don't think there has been any rain here for many months. So, what a beautiful "welcome" for me to this new home; me who has never experienced rain in this desert. I feel grateful and blessed to experience this so early on here, having just arrived days ago. It adds to the feeling of this being a holiday.

Around 4:30 am I was awakened not by sound, but by smell. I don't know how to describe it - something like burnt sugar, but not exactly. Our bedroom was full of the scent, just from one open window. It was intense and amazing. It was the scent of the desert when it rains - the scents of all of the plants, awakened by this incredible gift. It rained on and off for a few hours and the the colors of the desert grew dark - their true colors when the desert dust is gone. You can just imagine how exciting this rare gift is for all the plants and birds and animals.

Living out here makes you appreciate so much, including the simple gift of rain. It all feels somewhat magical. It is hours later now and the scent still lingers in the air. It has remained cloudy and cool - a beautiful, beautiful holiday.

Wishing you and yours an equally beautiful, fun and relaxing holiday.

The full moon setting early this morning after the rain.

Driving in the neighborhood, in the rain.

The desert after the rain.

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