Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Coyote Siting

We were in the kitchen and suddenly Paul spotted a coyote in the back yard! My first coyote siting. I saw one run fast across a road once in Arizona, but other than that I've never seen one - certainly not this close.

I had just put sold old bread crumbs out for the birds and bunnies who frequent that area of the yard because there is a water bowl there. The coyote came and ate the bread crumbs! I felt bad - it must be very hungry to be eating measly bread crumbs. S/he (I think it was a girl) was thin and she was very nervous and alert. She would eat for a few seconds and then look up quickly everywhere to make sure she was safe and nothing was coming to get her. She was soooo beautiful. I hope I see many, many more coyotes out here and I don't think the novelty and the beauty will ever dissipate.

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