Friday, July 6, 2012


Moving is stressful, but it is also liberating.

It gives you the freedom and opportunity to reinvent. You get to purge and reorganize and start fresh. It is all up to each of us to choose what comes next. I always liked that saying about how when one door closes another one opens somewhere else. I believe that. One can keep same old habits and patterns, or one can change. Moving offers such an opportunity.

After being in one location for 20 years, I was so ready for a change. And we made it happen. I've moved twice now in the past two or so years. And this last move is the best. Washington, DC to Salt Lake City, and then on to Pioneertown. Each move an opportunity to step off of the crazy, busy merry go round, to slow down, to be closer to nature and try to live a little more simply. It is a life time endeavor.

Change can be a beautiful thing, and I am grateful for every change and every day of new discovery. 

Have a great weekend!

The view in my back yard in the evening. 

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