Monday, September 9, 2013

The View from Black Lava Butte

Looking south

Looking west

Looking north

Clouds/Sunsets - August

Some recent shots

On top of Black Lava Butte.

Photos - September 9

It started feeling like Fall this weekend.

The temperatures are cooling. The monsoons have been good - a lot of cloud cover all this week. Downpours a few miles away but just the threat of rain here - lots of rumbling thunder and a few drops. This afternoon it was cloudy and cool - perfect for a walk around the land after a hard day at work.

Every day I am so in awe that this is my yard.

Some photos from sunset and our hike earlier today.

Sunset tonight, view from our west porch.

Exploring our land today. Fall is in the air.

Exploring the boulders. Paul found one of the bobcat's dens - he saw a fleeting kitty paw.

A shot of our house from the boulders.

Amazing light today.