Thursday, October 7, 2010

Europe is Making me Fat

Yes, it is a vacation and it is my honeymoon, so to be honest I am eating whatever I want and not thinking much about it. I am eating things like crazy that I don’t eat much of at home. Beef. I rarely eat beef. I rarely want to eat beef. Here I seem to be eating it all the time. Incredible steak frites in Bruges, and then probably the most amazing beef goulash in Berlin. I had to have it twice from the same restaurant…and we were only there for two days! It was so good the first meal we had there that we went back for our last meal there and I had it again. I don’t eat sausage, but I will in Germany. And of course you can’t be in Belgium without eating a lot of frites. French fries are my weakness, and they are so good in Bruges. And I really, really do not like mayonnaise, but here I will eat it with frites and often it is homemade and really excellent.

And then there is the chocolate in Bruges. Chocolate shops on every corner. Little family run places. And the croissants. And the butter. All to die for. Can’t get enough of it. And then the beer. I don’t really like beer that much, but the Belgian beer is nice. So, in Belgium we drank quite a bit of beer. In Germany only German wine – well actually I drank a lot of Austrian wine – Gruner Veltliner. Why is food so much better in Europe? I don’t care…I am loving every minute and memory of it. The gym awaits me when I return home.

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