Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tate Museums - London

If you are visiting London I recommend visiting the Tate museums. I love the Tate Modern museum. I just made my second visit. I do not, however, recommend that you visit it on a weekend. My first visit in a December a few years ago on a weekday was lovely. This visit on a Saturday, and with a recent opening of a Gauguin exhibit, was insanely crowded. I do not like to be in museums that are overpopulated. It ruins the experience for me. And it makes me want to beat people who are obnoxious and self absorbed and just walk in front of you when you are reading/looking at an exhibition.

The Gauguin exhibit was ok. There were just too many people to feel you could really take your time and read and view things. I am sure I would like it better on a weekday, after everyone else has seen it. It is tough to get tickets and I am grateful we were able to do it. Heads up to my DC friends - this exhibit is coming to Washington DC in February 2011

There is a restaurant/coffee shop/bar at the top of the Tate Modern that offers a beautiful view of the Thames and London. Make reservations. Trust me. Did you know that you can use OpenTable in London? I used that all the time in DC and was pleasantly surprised that I could make a lunch reservation using my online account while in London.

If you have time, also see the Tate Britain. I saw that one a few years ago, but did not have time on this visit. That too is a beautiful museum showcasing British artists. You can take a boat between the museums. I haven't had time to do that, but think that sounds like a beautiful day.

And if you go to the Tate, you must visit a wonderful little art gallery called the Bankside Gallery. Friends introduced me to this place during my first visit to London a few years ago. They have great shows with local artists and very affordable art - often limited prints. My husband and I just bought our first piece of art together there - a print from wood carving artist Hilary Paynter.

My husband takes beautiful photos of me with his iPhone. Andy Warhol, Tate Modern, UK.

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