Thursday, October 7, 2010

Honeymoon in 5 Parts - Details and Stories to Come...

Part 1: Brugges, Belgium
Went here on a whim for the start of the trip. What a great idea. Did not want to leave. Beautiful. Can't wait to return.

Part 2: London, UK
Went here only to see friends. London is cool, but too hectic for a honeymoon. And the weather was terrible - rainy and humid. Happy to see dear friends, but couldn't wait to leave.

Part 3: Berlin, Germany
Like Brugges, first visit for both of us. Also a big city, but a lot less hectic than London and the weather was better. I really liked this city and the history is fascinating - especially as things have changed so much in our life time. We only had a little time to see a few things, but I am glad we did it. I would return.

Part 4: Basel, Switzerland
Long story how we ended up here earlier than planned, being forced to skip more time on the Rhine in Germany. Spent time here a year ago, so its a special place to us. So glad we decided to just hightail it here and chill for a few days. Totally worth it. Best part of the trip along with Brugges.

Part 5: Paris, France
Will be the last part of our trip, next week. Paris is cliche for a honeymoon, but I have never been so I am really looking forward to it.

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