Thursday, October 28, 2010

Route 92 - Alpine Scenic Highway

My initial idea for creating a blog revolved around this move I made in May - leaving my life of more than 20 years in the DC area to move out west to Salt Lake City, Utah. I wanted to write about this new observations of Utah...someone born and raised on the east coast and very much a DC person moving out into this strange new world - not a move to NYC or Chicago or LA or San, a move to Salt Lake City. Very different from what I am accustomed to.

The blog is very new, and it has morphed into something to capture more than just Utah. To really capture scenes and experiences from all places. I am happy with this, but I will be writing more about Utah in the coming months. 

Today I was able to head down to Orem and Provo with Paul for some family things. It takes about 45 minutes driving on a major highway south from SLC. It is kind of a boring highway drive, with development and billboards and traffic, although you do have some beautiful views of the mountains that surround you. SLC and these towns south sit in a valley between two mountain chains. To the east you have the Wasatch and Uinta mountains, part of the Rocky Mountains, running north south. To the west of SLC you have the Oquirrh Mountains also running north south.

Today we took a different route coming home; one I have wanted to do and one that will probably be snowed in very soon for the winter. We took Route 92, also known as the Alpine Scenic Highway, becoming the American Fork Canyon Road. Look it up on Google maps and it says - closed winters. From today's drive, I can see why. I was concerned about the state of the road given the snow earlier this week, but we were pretty confident that the roads would be clear as its been sunny and warmer for a few days. The roads were clear for the most part, with a few places that made me a little nervous. Thankfully Paul is an excellent driver. 

You drive past the Sundance Resort then up into Uinta National Forest. It is not a very big road. It is very remote. After we passed the Sundance area, we passed only one car the entire route. There is nothing up there but trails and camping areas that are probably populated during the summer, but are deserted now. The drive takes you through the largest grove of Aspens I've ever seen. It was so beautiful. I can only dream of what it must have looked like a few weeks ago when the colors had changed bright yellow and the leaves were still there. Unfortunately we got back from our honeymoon just a little too late to catch the Autumn colors at that altitude. Next year. Paul said that Aspens have a particular smell. We rolled down the windows...and he was right! There was this distinct wonderful smell. It was sunny and peaceful and beautiful. I only had my iPhone, but I tried to capture a few photos.

Aspen Grove

Driving behind the mountains

In Orem, heading towards the mountains - first snow with Fall colors

Snow on the roads

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