Saturday, September 8, 2012

San Gorgonio Wind Farm Pass


  1. When coming down the 62 freeway just before you merge with the 10 freeway, up on the north ridge before the service dog training camp, I spotted huge red barrel cactus growing all over the ridge. I slipped up there with a shovel and dug up many huge red barrel cactus which I transplanted at Ryan's studio and his rental and I took one home also. They have fiery red blooms along with the dark red needles. I shoveled them onto a huge blanket and then lifted that into the truck. So sharp! I use to gather seeds and cactus and transplant them in my yard. I had well over 250 transplants. The blooms were awesome. Oleanders, Octillo, yuccas, aloe vera, tomatos, basil, angel wings, beavertails, so much stuff,so many blooms, especially if you water them. I think I had every succulant and cactus species known to man out there! Loved it. The cactus shop in Morongo Valley is a really fun place for all that stuff.

    1. Thanks for the tips Dave. That is amazing that you had that many transplants! I hope we can do things like that.

  2. If you cruise up by Ryan's old art studio and go hiking in those mountains, you can find gorgeous dead Manzanita bushes that are like wonderful organic sculptures. I dragged quite a few of those off the mountain. The two tone twisted wood color makes an awesome art piece. Also, if your find a dead Joshua Tree, bury it upside down, fill the root cavity with dirt, and plant a cactus in it.