Sunday, September 23, 2012


We are building a house on Roadrunner Rut Road. So isn't it appropriate to have the roadrunner as our mascot?

Some native American groups believe that the roadrunner protects against evil spirits. Since we started building I have been hoping we would get some roadrunners around our property because of our road name, and just because they are funny little birds.

Well, I am happy to report that we now have a resident roadrunner! He showed up a few weeks ago and he is now there most days running through the house and hanging out on the roof with our construction crew. Paul said he ran through the house the other day with a mouse in his mouth. They are meat eaters and I don't mind them helping out with the rodent control. I think mice are super cute, but they can wreak havoc in your stuff if you aren't careful. The roadrunner is not afraid of all the people or the loud construction noises, in fact he seems to enjoy checking things out. I did not know roadrunners were so curious.

I am not at our building site often (chained to my computer with my day job), so I haven't been able to witness many sitings, but yesterday we were at the house meeting with a solar company about our system and he came around to check us out.

Paul shot this video last week of our little friend.

Before our real live mascot came around we got ourselves a roadrunner sculpture - our first art purchase for our new home. We were visiting our favorite local shop Route 62 Arts and Antiques and found this piece from owner, artist and friend Dennis Blevins. He makes beautiful pieces from metal and this roadrunner was perfect! We can't wait to put him on our porch.

We hope to have many, many roadrunners in our lives at our new place on Roadrunner Rut.

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