Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Next Time You are in Berlin - Einstein Cafe

If you ever go to Berlin, I highly recommend visiting this place for a meal or dessert and coffee or a drink. Einstein's is a chain of cafe/restaurants now. You can find locations around the city and they have fantastic coffee and good food, and they serve alcohol too. But you want to go to the original Einstein's which still operates out of a very old European building with an outdoor garden on a quiet street in a residential neighborhood in west Berlin, near the zoo and Tiergarten. 

We first went here for a late lunch and the food and the atmosphere were so fantastic that we decided to return the next day for breakfast, and then again that night for dinner. We also found another one of their cafes in the touristy part of town and had some coffee and dessert in the afternoon. So yes, we went to this place 3 times in one day and 4 times over the course of two days! That is how much we loved it. I can’t speak highly enough about the food and the atmosphere at the original place. Very old Europe feel. We had such a positive experience. 

For breakfast order the eggs and bacon or eggs and herbs or the poached eggs in a glass and don’t miss the bread basket because their croissants and bread and butter are to die for. On the lunch/dinner menu I had the beef goulash with dumplings. Twice. It was the best meal like that I have ever had. They have great wines and their coffee is probably some of the best I have had. They are known for their coffee. They have a great bar upstairs too that we hit after dinner - very loungy and cool - candles, open windows, old school soul music - reminded me of the early days of the 18th street lounge in DC. Wish I had taken some photos of the building.

CafĂ© Einstein Stammhaus, Kurfurstenstrasse 58, Berlin. Open 8 am to 2 am.

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