Thursday, November 11, 2010

Liberia, Liberia - Random thoughts at 2 am

It is so late. And I am tired. And I have to get up in like 4 hours. And I have to try to make myself sleep even though jet lag has be feeling like I will die when I have to get up early in the morning, then again feeling like I will pass out around 5 pm, and then having me wide awake until 2 or 3 am…but a few quick words to capture Liberia thoughts before I go to bed...
  • the sound of the ocean pounding the surf outside my window is insanely loud.
  • my god I forgot about the humidity! oh the humidity! it is insane...
  • thank the universe for hot water, ice and air conditioning
  • no mosquitos! (yet)
  • I try not to, but I drink way too much here. It is my environment and the people surrounding me...ok, really in the end it is all my weakness...but I still blame them
  • I really love the people I have met here. I do. I really do.
  • This project rocks. It might not later, but right now it is a full on love fest. And it feels great. Please let it last.
  • Tonight I sang the words to Rappers Delight to a group of colleagues and friends because my friend from here thought 2 Live Crew was the first rap song and I had to educate him that he was DEAD WRONG by doing a google search and then playing this song that he had never heard of and then I had to impress him and others that even though I bought the record back in 1979/1980 and sat in my room playing it over and over until I learned EVERY SINGLE WORD, here we are 30 years later and I can still sing all the words. He realized he was wrong and I impressed some people. I might forget a lot of stuff, but I will not forget the words to Rappers Delight. Sugarhill Gang you rocked my world.
  • I have to get up in a few hours and drive up country for a day of meetings and driving. The morning is going to SUCK big time. And I only have myself (and jetlag) to blame.
  • The internet is so slow here it makes me crazy.
  • I keep getting shocked from touching the corners of my laptop. I swear to you. I thought I was crazy, but it is happening to others and I am told it is because the power being supplied is so fluctuating here. This is not cool. Trust me. I will be working and then suddenly ZAP - my hand gets a shock. Shock therapy?
  • Until our office gets set up next week we work out of the hotel bar. I am serious. It is an open air bar, facing the ocean. It is fun, but it is so humid that all the papers get moist. Plus it gets noisy and distracting sometimes when people are trying to use the space for its real purpose (bar and restaurant) instead of an office.
  • Have to keep remembering to take my malaria medicine and to not space out and use the tap water to brush my teeth.
  • I have never sweated so much in my life when I am outside of my air conditioned room.


  1. Wendy, I found you because I googled "bedbugs" and "Liberia." I'm also obsessed with bedbugs - and I live part time in Liberia, part time in California.
    I was checking to see if bedbugs had hit Liberia yet. I'm hoping Liberia can avoid them because it's so hot and wet there. (When I got back from a trip to New York last week, I put all my belongings in either the dryer or the oven - including my suitcase!)Anyway - I'm headed to Liberia next week. If you're anywhere near Robertsport any time, do come by!

  2. You are too funny Wendy.

  3. Cori, nice to meet you. So funny about the bedbugs. They come up a lot in my blog. Check out my entry on the bed bug registry - something you may want to track. Although that is for the US. Thankfully no bedbugs where I am staying in Liberia - Atlantis Beach Hotel (formerly Guest House) in Mamba Point. It is a good little place to stay and Sam the owner is fantastic and a close friend. I have never been to Robertsport but I would love to. Unfortunately my trip is short. Your organization sounds wonderful. I think I might buy one of those necklaces! I wish you safe travels and bedbug-free lodging! If you are ever in Monrovia, come visit our office here at the Atlantis - Starting up a renewable energy program for Bong, Lofa and Nimba counties. Cheers!