Sunday, November 21, 2010

And...4 am in Liberia

Its 4 am.

And I am in Liberia. In a hotel room.

And I just got home from a nightclub (Deja Vu). One of two here in Liberia. Well, really, it is the only one of its kind. The other place to go out and dance is Club 69. Yes. Club 69. We went there for Thursday night reggae night. It was fun. But not a real "night club" like Deja Vu.

And I walked in and just killed a roach on my bedroom floor.

And I turned on the TV and guess what is on? Barney. Yeah. Really. I have the sound off. I never watched this show (I was too old at the time. No little siblings). It is bizarre. Really bizarre. Especially with the sound off. Sitting in a hotel room in Liberia.

And the sound of the ocean is LOUD. Pounding just outside my window. Earlier tonight we had an incredible storm. Thunder like I've never heard before. Then the power went out. Then we watched lightening across the ocean. Then it rained so hard it was deafening. And beautiful. Memorable. You never forget that sound.

And I am here in this room where I've stayed for 10 days and it was only today that I found out that two years ago a man killed himself in this room. Room 13. 13 is always a lucky number for me. Guess not for him. And Room 13 here happens to be the best room at this little place. And I am trying to determine if I am freaked out or not about this. Trying to remember if there was anything unusual that happened. Or if I had weird feelings. But the reality is that when I've come to bed each night, its been so bloody late and I have been so tired, that this man's ghost could be dancing around the room and I would probably not sense it.

And here I am. So tired. And now it is 4:30 am. And I am not sure I can just sleep now that I know about the man who overdosed and took his life here. A Nigerian business man. Who arrived here at the hotel and asked not to be disturbed. And after a few days the hotel staff were concerned and came in. And found him. PIlls. And a suitcase of money.

And I am so tired. I think I have to crash now. In room 13. Me and the ghost. Talk to you later in the morning...

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  1. Funny sister....13 is my lucky number too!!!