Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I Just Do Not "Get" (part 2)

  • People who use airplane bathrooms in their socks. Don't you see that people pee all over the floor! How can you feel comfortable walking in people's pee? You know you are going to end up touching those socks, right? And then touching your face. You are disgusting!
  • The creepy King in those Burger King commercials. It is not funny. Its creepy. Remember the one where he is looking in the window, like a peeping tom? It freaked me out. I had a peeping tom once. It is not funny Burger King. Not funny.
  • The fascination with the Kardashians. They make me ill. And America's amount of attention to them makes me more ill.
  • "Chick lit." I guess some of it can be mildly entertaining, but be honest...a lot of it is really, really stupid. The last chick lit book I looked at, someone loaned it to me at the beach. Five pages in I knew I couldn't read it. And I was at the beach, where you know, you can usually read anything because its the beach. The woman who gave it to me gushed and gushed about how wonderful it was. I just smiled and listened...
  • How much bacon I can eat (a lot).
  • Regis & Kathy Lee and now Regis & Kelly.
  • Black Friday. What is this obsession with shopping? I can't believe people go to stores at like 3 am and wait in long lines for hours to get a 'deal' on electronics and toys. And sometimes this turns into violence because people are so freaked out about missing out on the deals (remember the store security guy who was trampled and killed by the crowd looking for tvs??). Life is more than shopping and possessions. This is crazy.
  • Cottage cheese. Nasty. Any way you serve it.
  • Tv sitcom laugh tracks.


  1. I didn't get Black Friday early shopping until I went to Fred Meyers sock sale at 5 am a couple of years ago. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Of course, it was in Bellingham and involved socks (not electronics).

  2. I just read all three of your "don't get" blogs....amazingly, i agree w/almost all of them.....i lve cottage cheese w/ fruit and - wait for it - i love liver also, but then i am an omnivore. So glad your mother hooked me up w/your blogs. All are thoughtful and thought provoking.