Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things I Just Do Not "Get"

A random list of things that come in and out of my head.

  • Watching the Today Show. It is so INANE it makes me crazy. I can't stand all the people. And this is not news.
  • Eating liver. Or any animal organs for that matter.
  • Celine Dion.
  • Fast food/chain restaurants offers of cheap food. I am sorry, but I really do not want to pay $3.99 for a burger and a blizzard at DQ or 99 cents for shrimp at Long John Silver. Yes, I enjoy a bargain, but I know how much food costs. If it is that cheap, then trust me, it is not real food.
  • Watching any of the tv "news" programs on Fox, MSNBC, etc. Talking heads spouting crap and fueling anger and resentment. I don't care what party you identify with. This is not rational discussion. This is not civil discourse. This does not help us. This is not news. And all of these talking heads do not deserve their salaries, the attention, the publicity, the following. Ugh.
  • Why anyone thinks Terry Hatcher is hot. I always see a lot of photos of her where she looks like she has had really bad plastic surgery (and I don't think she has). Maybe she just photographs weirdly.
  • This obsession with the Jersey Shore. I admit, I've never watched it.
  • How Jerry Springer can live with himself.
  • The SkyMall catalogue.
  • Why in this day and age it is still considered wrong for Mormons to drink coffee and tea. I understand the alcohol thing. I get that. But coffee and tea?
  • How to hook up my DVD player correctly to the tv.
  • Why I am still using Comcast (the devil). They suck.
  • How I could have dated a guy named GWB (seriously). But that was long before GWB was president. My GWB turned out to be a personal disappointment, much like the other one (again, all personal here).
  • Agreeing to be a part of, and thus humiliate yourself, on the reality show "Real Housewives of DC." Seriously?
  • Going to the Olive Garden for a meal. Sorry.
  • The over choice we have for products. The other day, buying toothpaste, I was stressed out trying to decide which one to buy from the WALL of options. I swear there were far more than 20 brands and types to choose from. COME ON!
  • Why we can't have good bread like in Europe.
  • Clowns.
Now...back to work!


  1. So funny Wendy...!
    Here, try this bread :

  2. i like clowns.
    - Maria