Monday, November 8, 2010

Utah Impressions Part 2

Babies. Utah is a land of babies. Young parents and babies. I have never been in a place where I have seen so many young couples with young children. And big families. Signs everywhere for baby doctors and fertility clinics. Children are very important here. It makes a woman in her 40s with no kids feel  really, really out of place. But there is certainly a lot of assistance around here if one does want to try to have a child at this age.

White. Utah is very white. And blonde. Me with my blonde hair and blue eyes - I fit right in. Sure, occasionally I will see some people who don't look like me, but its not a very common experience. I've never lived in a place like this. It feels strange.

International. Although being very homogenous, SLC is actually more international than I thought it would be and than you probably think. My guess is that it is a combination of things. Mormon missionary work goes all over the world, linking far away places and drawing those who follow the Mormon faith here to the epicenter. The University of Utah is a pretty large and good school, attracting students from all over. Some people come for the economic opportunities - there seems to be fairly large Asian (from all over Asia) and Latino (probably from all over the region) populations. SLC has an international airport and its close to a lot of scenic attractions (all the natural parks, Vegas, fantastic skiing, etc.) in the West, so a lot of tourists from everywhere come through here. Utah gets a LOT of tourists from Europe, especially Germany. Plus there a lot of people from elsewhere in the US and the world who move here for the beauty and the outdoors opportunities.

Food. Somewhat related to the above, I have found really great restaurants here. The best Mexican food I have ever found. And its everywhere. Which makes me extremely happy. Lots of different kinds of Asian restaurants (Sushi, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, etc.). I noted the Belgian waffles and frites place in an earlier blog entry. There is even at least one Nepali restaurant here that I am anxious to try. I've heard of a German restaurant and store that a German friend says is very good. I just found a fantastic Italian store on Saturday. It helps me not miss my former world in Washington, DC so much.

Gay. There is a larger gay community here than you probably think. And that makes me happy.

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