Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Bed Bugs

I've given up. I have tried for two days to post some of my Liberia photos...but no luck. Sigh...the woes of the slow internet. There would obviously be no photographic blogging if I lived here. And I am too exhausted to write some deep things about Liberia - that is for another time. So, I will just have to write about....BED BUGS.

Yes. I am obsessed with bedbugs. I can't help but continue to talk about it. I might need to create a category of postings called "bed bugs." But seriously, you can't follow the news anymore without hearing about bedbugs. I swear. Almost every time I am catching the news, I see or hear something about them. As I have posted before - this is freaking me out. I already knew to worry about beds, but then came mention of problems in store dressing rooms. I who always tosses my clothes all over the dressing room floor. I now take the time to hang my clothes. Then I heard something about bedbugs in movie theaters! The latest freak out - bed bugs in rental moving trucks. What?? Sure, it makes a lot of sense, but that thought NEVER crossed my mind. And I just rented a truck back in May and moved my things across the country. What if we had rented a truck that had bed bugs? Fortunately, we did not. But you better believe that if we have to rent a moving truck again, I will only hire one of those companies that proves they do inspections and clean up after every move to ensure there are no problems.

Do I need to start worrying about airplanes? Airplane seats? Luggage compartments? Doesn't it seem that this would be something of concern? I have not heard any news stories about this yet...I thought of that lovely one all on my own. This is what I think about, laying awake unable to sleep from jet lag, hoping I can get the internet to work over here in Liberia. Well, that and also how much I miss my husband.

Have you heard about bedbugs in unusual places? Come on, give me something else to freak out about...

I am delighted to report that I have had no bedbug experiences here in Liberia. Big sigh of relief. So here you go...a poor substitute for my awesome photos from Liberia, but it will have to do and you will have to wait, probably about another week, to see those photos...

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