Friday, October 22, 2010

They Come in Threes

They always seem to come in threes...

Communications from old boyfriends.

I swear to you. This happens to me often, and its ALWAYS in threes. I can't explain it, but I have a track record of this - three communications, out of the blue, all within a few days, sometimes all in one day. I noticed this phenomenon awhile ago. What causes this? The moon?

1) Today I get an email. From a teenage boyfriend. He tells me he has been thinking of me a lot lately. (Really?) That he hopes I have a happy life. Part of me thinks this is really sweet. Part of me thinks its weird. I don't know. What am I supposed to do with that? Should I be flattered? It makes me uncomfortable. And I want to teach him grammar, spelling and punctuation...

2) The other day a message appears on skype. Its from someone I would really rather forget. A very, very bad memory. I have no communication with this person in any way except I forgot they were on my skype list. From a long time ago. He has popped up like this a few times over the past two years on skype. Asking me business questions, and then trying to ease into asking me things about my personal life. Telling me things about himself - forgetting I no longer care.

You know those memories you have? Of events in your past, where when you remember them you shudder and cringe and get embarrassed remembering how stupid you were? He might be one of my biggest. Its no proud moment when you realize you've fallen for a sociopath. I will never forget the day my eyes were opened and I truly realized I was involved with a sociopath. I spent all day reading about sociopaths and seeing my reality for the first time. He was a pathological liar. It was crazy. Creepy. Unbelievable. It is truly amazing how blinded we can become to a person's issues. But sometimes we wake up. And I did. And I fled. But it took me awhile to completely cut the ties. I need to remove him from skype. Because I want absolutely no contact from this person.

3) Someone else from my past got in touch with me again this week. Rounding off the three. Someone I met along the byway. There was a moment long ago where I thought I wanted to travel down the byway with him. It was a crazy idea, but it existed nonetheless. I have no issues with this person and no bad past. I like him a lot and we are friends, so it was good to hear from him again. And I am happy to hear from him because he rounds off the three...sparing me from less desirable communications from past relationships... 


  1. Third time's the charm!

  2. Dear Wendy,

    I have been thinking about you and your pretty blond hair. I think you must not be as happy now as you were when we were together because your hair is shorter. Did you cut your hair because you miss me and our time together? At least, that is what me and my wife think. When we are in bed. Talking about you. Because that is what we do - not every night, mostly weekends. We are not freaks. We talk about other people on the weeknights. For the spice and all. I hope you are happy with this Paul, and that you grow your hair for him. Maybe we could all get together some time. I think Paul would like my wife. She looks just like you. More now, since all the plastic surgery. She said it hurt, but it was so worth it. If you think about me too, that is good. I think you do...because I am creepy.

    Yours always,

    Jan Michael Vincent