Monday, October 25, 2010

First Thing I Saw When I Exited the Paris Airport

It just didn't seem right...


  1. Yes, I know what you exactly mean. I mean really... Plastic can be recycled also and can be used for other things like carrying more groceries or even modified to be a tank top. Really... KFC should always use plastic and NEVER paper. I know EXACTLY what you mean. ;-)

  2. Um..I was referring to the fact that there I am IN PARIS. For the first time. And what is the first thing I see? Trash (yes, Paris is dirty) from KFC. KFC? Couldn't it be a french fast food company? I thought it was funny.

  3. I know... I totally 'get it'. Thanks God for the slow-food movement and random groups of peeps around the U.S. and Europe committed to real natural foods.