Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

We were in London last weekend only to visit dear friends who could not make it to our wedding. The last night there we watched bad television in the hotel as we had to pack and get up at 4 am to fly to Berlin. I love British television. So much great stuff - great good tv and great bad tv too. 

We found a gem! My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. A show about this woman who makes outrageous bridal gowns for the "Travellers" in the UK. Its a series on Channel Four, described as "Ancient traditions meet modern fashions in an ostentatious culture clash in the world of 21st-century gypsy and traveller weddings." It was deliciously trashy. These girls want these ridiculous dresses. Many of them get married very young and have been planning their wedding since they were like 10 - thus their gowns look like a 10 year old's vision of a fairy princess. Here I captured a few photos of the tv...oh I wish I could have recorded the entire thing!  

You can read more about it at: Also, if you google it you can find photos and videos on youtube. Awesome.

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  1. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is now being shown on American TV, quite an eye opener