Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saying Goodbye

We drive away from SLC later today...on another huge Scenic Byway adventure.

It is hard to believe it's been just over two years that we sold and packed up the little house in Takoma Park and headed West to explore Salt Lake City. Now we pack up another place we've called home and head West again...and South.

I guess it's time to update the information on the blog. The new base will be Pioneertown. More writing will now focus on life in California, life in the desert, and life building and living off the grid.

I am excited to explore the natural and the wild of this new Mojave desert scene, as well as the built environments that surround, including Pioneertown, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, and so on. Two hours from both Los Angeles and San Diego also promise a lot of city exploration and adventures.

I write this as I sit for the last time in my bed, in this house that we will leave forever in a few hours. Isn't it such a strange feeling to wake up like you've done so many times before, but to know that this will be the last time in your place? Ever. It is a crazy feeling. To stare around at the empty rooms, closets and cupboards. In those moments you feel, raw and full force, how much we have routines in our lives, and what it feels like to have them broken.

With the rooms completely empty except for our bed and some scattered bags and boxes, I recalled our first night here two years ago, when we slept on an air mattress on the living room floor in front of the fireplace because it was so late and we we were too exhausted to unpack our things, and it was the first of June, but chilly, and we needed and wanted the fireplace that night. Its so exciting when you arrive in a new place and make it your home. And so strange and sad when you leave.

You walk around your space and you think to yourself...this will be the last time I will see how the light comes into this room in the morning. This is the last time I will shower in this bathroom. This is the last time I will make coffee here in this kitchen. This is the last time I will look out this window, into this yard, to see those trees and mountains and rising sun from this angle and this place. This is the last time I will exist in these rooms, in these walls, in this space.

I am very excited about my new adventure - the scenic byway calls. Its just for these last hours, my focus will remain here. As I think it should.

Next time you hear from me here we will be California residents. Stay tuned...

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