Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amazing Virgin River Gorge

The Virgin River Gorge is located on Interstate 15 between St. George, Utah and Littlefield, Arizona. This section of I-15 is one of the most expensive parts of the US interstate highway ever constructed. That should tell you something. It is amazing! If you haven’t driven through this canyon yet – it is a must. Trust me. I think this drive is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Think Grand Canyon kind of cool. It will blow your mind.

We drive through it at least once every month or two and every single time it blows my mind. I try to take photographs and they never, never, ever capture what you see.

I’ve seen this canyon in the early morning light, the afternoon setting sun and at night under a huge full moon. Always amazing. I always stare up the sheer walls, into the many caves, hoping to see an animal – I’ve yet to see one but hope one day I will. I wonder where are the climbing routes and how have people managed to get up there? This canyon has some of the toughest climbing routes in the US. I dream of what it would be like to be on top of some of those sheer, rock faces, or to fly over in a helicopter, close enough to see all the details.

This canyon was carved out by the Virgin River connecting the southwestern rim of the Colorado Plateau and the northeastern edge of the Mojave Desert. The Virgin River not only created this gorge,  it created Zion National Park as well.

Check out the few photos below (from different trips)…and remember these photos barely allow you to see the massiveness of this canyon. Better yet, get on the Byway and go see it yourself!

I also found a video on YouTube that gives you a better sense of the magic. See below.

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