Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Walk Around my Neighborhood

Salt Lake City is a great place. I have had the fortune to live in the canyons just above the city for the past two years. The area offers amazing views of the valley below that sweeps long and wide between two ranges of mountains and holds Salt Lake City and the great Salt Lake. Living up here means a lot of nature - quail roam our yards and spotting deer grazing in neighbors' yards is quite common. We get a little more and much prettier snow in the winter, and cool mountain breezes in the summer, avoiding the haze that nestles over the city below from air trapped in the valley. We have amazing views of the Wasatch hills and mountains and we live right down the road of at least two canyons for hiking. It is pure heaven and I love it. I will miss it when we leave here and move to California. I will always remember this place.

Here are a few camera phone shots from a recent walk around the neighborhood. Spring is here.

Spring has come to the Cove.

Mount Olympus.

From this hill you can see the valley below, the mountain range on the other side and to the right the Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City.

The hills of the Wasatch Mountains. The cloud play around these hills is amazing and I never tire watching it.

From some hills you can glimpse the city skyline below in the valley. 
In my front yard. 

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