Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today's Poet - Anna - Petits Mots, Petites Morts

Thank you to my friend SI who shared with me this wonderful tumblr blog that she found that belongs to a fascinating young woman named Anna. I can't believe this person is only 20 years old. She writes well beyond her years. Not your typical 20-year old. I wish I had been that prolific at 20 - or even now!

The blog is called petits mots, petites morts. Anna bears her soul, all young woman angst and discovery (I can relate), sharing her poetry, prose, mixed tapes, photography, using pretty much all the known communication outlets of our time (tumblr, flickr, vimeo, FB, pinterest - wait twitter is missing! thank the universe, twitter would be so inappropriate for this). She even bought an old typewriter and uses it to share some of her writing. Seriously what doesn't this girl do?

I've just begun to read through some of her work and I really like quite a lot of it. She makes me miss having a typewriter. She inspires me to revisit earlier desires and attempts to write my own poetry and prose. Perhaps when my life shifts to the desert I will find the creative space to return there.

I've selected two examples below to whet your appetite. Check it out when you've got some time and celebrate National Poetry Month. Happy reading!

Author - Anna

Author - Anna - I love, love, love this one.

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