Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tennis and Trombone Shorty

Latest Music Purchases:

Tennis - Cape Dory
Tennis - Young & Old
Trombone Shorty - Backatown

I have a bit of problem when it comes to music. I love too much of it, and in such a wide range of genres. That plus the fact that I have an iTunes account and a credit card. And I sit on a computer all day long working, and I work at home which means I can listen to music if I want and not have to worry about disturbing my coworkers. The cat doesn't care.

And using iTunes is just so darn easy. And when you click "purchase" it doesn't feel like you are really spending any real money.

The problem is I have a lot of music and its hard to listen to all of it. 11,908 songs, 71 GB, 33.6 days of listening. And I have a giant box of CDs not yet added to my iTunes library because I have no space. I need a larger hard drive so I can have more music!

I get these bands in my head - I hear a song, on Pandora, or on David Letterman, or via a friend on FB - random ways - and then I think I need to buy the album. So, for example...Tennis was performing on a David Letterman episode we had taped and watched last night. And while I was hanging with friends in Kenya I heard a song from Trombone Shorty and it stuck.

Both very, very different. Both new to me. Both. Now. Purchased.

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