Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nairobi Animal Orphanage

If your Scenic Byway takes you to Nairobi, Kenya, consider visiting the Nairobi National Park and the Nairobi Education Center/Animal Orphanage

The National Park and the Animal Orphanage are located right outside the city. You can drive through the National Park and see wild game, so it is a great option if you won't have the time or resources to go out to one of the big game parks on safari. 

If you don't have time to drive around the park you can spend an hour or a few walking around the animal orphanage and see lions, cheetah, leopards, warthogs, hyenas, water buffalo, a giraffe, a zedonk (zebra and donkey cross breed), baboons, other monkeys, and several types of birds. You can get very close to the animals and the baboons run wild all around the place. Its a good place to watch the animals behavior. 

I got to visit the orphanage yesterday and the lion cubs were playing and eating, the hyenas were chasing each other, other big cats were grooming, the monkeys were trying to steal food from other animals' cages. Some of the cages are small, but the animals look well cared for. Remember this is not a zoo, this is a refuge, so all of these animals were brought here because they were abandoned or injured and likely would have died in the wild. 

Off Lang'ata Road at the Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters.

A Zedunk - a zebra, donkey mix.

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