Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neff's Canyon - Salt Lake City, UT

I was just looking at my photographs and remembered that one year ago today I was hiking for the first time in Neff's Canyon near my home in Salt Lake City. We moved here last May and Neff's Canyon was the first place I hiked in the area. Here are a few favorite photos from that hike.

Today was a lot cooler than it was a year ago, and I am in no shape for hiking right now having had a root canal yesterday and a painful lingering tooth infection that remains. So instead of real hiking, I am sitting here on the couch recovering and looking at photos of hiking instead.

Neff's Canyon lies south of Mill Creek Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains. It is the spur canyon that runs at the base of Mount Olympus. The address for the trailhead is 4175 East 4245 South, Park View Terrace Drive. You drive up into the Olympus Cove neighborhood and you will find the trail head at White Park. There is a small parking lot. No facilities. Dogs are allowed. There is a large water tank that sits up there storing water for Mount Olympus water company. There are a number of trails that intertwine through the woods and along a creek. I've hiked them a number of times, but I have never gone up to an end point. I've read that two miles/two hours up the trail (2450 to 8000 feet up) will take you to a meadow. When I finally do a longer hike I will let you know what its like. If you've got any recommendations for things to see and do in Neff's Canyon, please share.

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