Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hamster TV

What is it about tiny rodents snuggling in a tiny cartoonish plastic television that makes me giggle every time I see it?

Petco, the pet store where I spend a lot of money each month to care for my two cats (seriously I don't know how a lot of people manage to keep pets - they are really expensive!) sells hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice and rats. You can see them all when you walk into the store. I of course, animal lover that I am, have to stare at all of them when I visit. I don't want one, but I think they are cute.

I had hamsters when I was growing up, and then later a little mouse. They are all smelly and not as much fun as cats and dogs, but they can be sweet and entertaining. I used to put my hamsters in a dollhouse. I would also put them in a toy truck that would get pulled around by our poodle. Poor little guys. Somewhere I have a great photo of that. I have a shag haircut too. It was the 70s after all.

Anyway, Petco has started carrying these little plastic tvs. Every cage with any kind of little rodent creature has these little plastic tvs. The hamsters are always, I mean always, sleeping and grooming and hanging out in these little plastic tvs. And its so dang silly and cute. I tried to capture it with my iPhone - two of them snuggling in the tv. I am not sure you can fully appreciate the cuteness of it all via this photo. Or maybe its just me...

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