Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tomorrow I am Tbilisi- bound.

It has been far too long since my scenic byway took me there. Its been more than two fact the last time I was there was June, 2009, for work and a friend's wedding, and it was there that I met my now husband. A friend, of a friend, of a friend. Kismet. Fate.

I really like the Republic of Georgia. I've been traveling there for work for six years. I don't go often - once every year or two. Tbilisi is a fun city. The city and country are beautiful. Lots of farm land. The Caucasus mountains. Fantastic food and wine, in my opinion. I have friends there, and the team of people I work with is great.

I always stay at a small boutique hotel that is awesome - Betsy's Hotel. If you visiting, trust me, that is where you need to stay. The staff are nice, the hotel has a great view of the city and a fun bar. The owner is a friend and was the best man at our wedding. It is because of him and another friend that my husband and I met. That all makes Tbilisi a wonderful place to visit for a work trip.

I also highly recommend this place for a visit as a tourist. There are many things you can do and see across the country including mountain villages that make you feel you are in the Alps...remnants of the old Soviet world and occupation (check out the Stalin Museum in Gori in all its kitschy awesomeness)...the David Gareja Monastery - monks still living in caves since the 6th Century...and many beautiful old churches. Just to name a few things you can do. And don't forget the wine! Georgia has fantastic local wine. Georgia claims, in fact, to be the birthplace of wine.

Just thinking about it all makes me excited to get back over there. I can't wait to see the city again, see my friends, and drink that good, good wine.

P.S. I just realized I was incorrect...the last time I was there was in September/October of 2009...just a few months after first meeting my husband. After work we managed to sneak in a weekend trip up in Svaneti in the Caucasus mountains. These photos are from that time.

Caucasus mountains, Svaneti area.

Me and the cows.

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