Thursday, February 23, 2012

Latest from the Scipio Gas Station Petting Zoo

The last few trips to the desert we didn't stop at one of my favorite Byway sweet spots - the Scipio gas station petting zoo. If you follow my blog you've heard me rave about this place before and you've seen the photos. A lot of people want to know about it - many people come to my blog looking for information about the place. We first discovered this gem in September 2010. Every time we would make the drive from SLC south on Route 15 towards St. George - every few months - we would stop here to check out the animals. The last time we visited was in September last year and we were happy to see the new baby zebra.

Today we finally stopped, and as usual, the place delivered. We got a beautiful site - the gang all together grazing in the afternoon coolness. This place always makes me happy. Be sure to make this a Scenic Byway stop over if you are passing through. Happy travels.

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