Monday, February 25, 2013

We Saw Your Boobs

I don't usually blog about this kind of thing, but this just bothered me.

I was in my local, small town grocery store a few hours ago. Waiting in the check out line I looked to the left and saw this.

Then I looked to the right and saw this.

These are big, glossy magazines. They stood out among all the other ones there. They were right there in my face and you know what? I was shocked. All I could think was, what do you do when you are in line with your young daughter or son who is staring at these things? There is no way you could keep them from seeing them. They are right there, right in your face. What goes through that little kid's head? Do they think, hey this is how my world is. I want to look like that and be like that and show my boobs. Because isn't this what this is teaching them? Its ok, in fact, its a dream, a goal, to show your boobs.

Am I getting old? Yes, but I really don't think that has anything to do with my reaction to this. I never really cared about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I don't care that they do it. But that cover doesn't seem right, especially for the grocery store. Why is she not in a bikini? Why is she in winter wear, open and showing her boobs all squeezed together? Yes I know boobs sell, but can we just go back to pretty girls in bikinis on a beach instead of this tip toe to porn town? I like Rolling Stone. I've not watched this new series Girls, but I think I will like it, and I get why its popular. Kudos to Lena Dunham too. From one big thigh girl to another - you go girl! I like that you aren't a plastic beauty. You look real and normal and your boobs do too. But you know, I don't really need to see this in the grocery store. 

Don't get me wrong. I am liberal and artsy and free spirited. I like nudity. I like boobs. The naked body is a beautiful thing and women are especially beautiful, but this? Is not really interesting or worthy of my attention at the grocery store. And again, thank God I don't have kids! I worry about the kids out there and this world they have to live in. I feel sorry for you the parents who have to guide your kids through this. Its crap. It really is.

And this comes today after the Oscars yesterday evening. As my husband and I were watching the red carpet junk we were commenting on how some dresses these days are just showing way too much cleavage. I will be the first to say that good boobs and cleavage are sexy, but there comes this point when showing that much just loses its appeal and becomes ridiculous. There was one reporter covering the event in this dress where I swear you could see her areola!

Then later of course came Seth McFarlane and his infamous "we saw your boobs" number. Its been 24 hours of boobs on My Scenic Byway....

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