Thursday, May 31, 2012

The $11,000+ Kitchen Sink

What happened in my life to give me such expensive tastes? Seriously. I am looking at kitchen sinks and of course the one I think is THE one is $11,000. Well scratch that.

We are building a house - the first home construction I've ever been involved with - and I could write for days on stories and observations and tips from this experience. I do intend to write more around this subject in the future, but at the moment I want to lament about how I have discovered that I suffer from very expensive tastes. In this house building process, whether shopping for windows, looking at doors or types of wood for our exterior, browsing through endless catalogues and websites on bathtubs, appliances, bathroom and cabinet hardware, counters, couches, etc. - you name it, I will inevitably be drawn to the item that is one of the most expensive. It is my fate. Thankfully my husband is managing the home building budget and is able to exercise some control over me. Some.

I've looked at enough stuff for the home now to realize that cheap stuff just looks crappy. Plain and simple. You see it a mile away. However, I think I also have unusual tastes. I tend not to be interested in the standard stuff because it does not appeal to me. For example, so many fixtures out there (bathroom, kitchen, windows, cabinets) are shiny, shiny gold or silver. Hear me now, there will be no shiny silver or gold stuff anywhere in our house. I forbid it.

Sometimes I wish we were living 10 or 20 years ago, before people got all knowledgeable and crazy about antiques, resulting in a world where one can no longer find anything cool and old without breaking the bank. I love old barn wood. If we could have it our way, we would do our entire house inside and out with old barn wood...but those days are gone, unless you have tons and tons of money. These days barn wood is a hot commodity. Just check out the companies around LA that specialize in the stuff, and you will get the picture. I found a website where you can actually buy an entire barn! They have photos of the barns and then I guess you buy it and do what you want with it, mainly tear it down and ship the wood. But it's not cheap. Where I grew up in the country in Pennsylvania, there were antiques and old barn wood everywhere and they weren't a big deal. That was 30 years ago and sadly those days are gone. I blame the PBS Antique Road Show that later launched the HGTV empire and others. I am not quite sure who to blame for the fact that I am drawn to $11,000 sinks...
The $11,000+ kitchen sink I certainly won't be buying...

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  1. You? Do not need. A $11,000. Kitchen sink. Seriously.

    You may, however, need $15,000 worth of double ovens. Because Thanksgiving comes up every year.

    Just sayin'...