Thursday, August 2, 2012

Look out the Window

Every day out here in Pioneertown I see something beautiful. I am fortunate to work from home and my desk here in our cute little rental home looks out sliding glass doors onto a porch and into the desert. Occasionally I look up and a different, little surprise awaits me every day.

Yesterday I saw a road runner walking around the yard. I haven't seen many of them and usually if you do see them they are running madly across the road so you don't get much opportunity to really see them. This little guy was walking slowly around the yard giving me a chance to really watch him.

The day before that I was washing my face in the bathroom and I looked out the window to see a swarm of dragon flies. I don't know where they came from but for several hours that afternoon we had dragon flies everywhere around outside. It was amazing. I also saw a hummingbird.

Twice I've seen coyotes run through the back yard. Every morning and evening the yard is full of cottontail rabbits. The best is when they play with each other, hopping almost a foot off the ground and chasing each other. We have a number of scrub jays who hang out. And we have two quail families with rapidly growing young ones who noisily march around the yard mornings and evenings. Occasionally we see lizards and chipmunks. The desert is full of life.

Its a good reminder to stop what you are doing every once in awhile, get up and go look out the window. Even if you aren't sitting in the desert, or in nature, there is usually always something beautiful and interesting out your window.

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