Monday, September 20, 2010

Utah State Fair

My question: why does the State Fair only last for 10 days? Something this good should be around longer. 

Who does not love a good fair? I love it. I grew up in the country (until I was around 12 and moved into "town," which for all purposes was still the country, just with McDonalds, 7-11s and shopping plazas with delights such as K-Mart, Fashion Bug and pizza places) and I looooved the fair. As a young girl I was all about the cotton candy, candy apples and the rides. As I became a tween it was about tight jeans, feathered hair, and ogling boys...also in tight jeans and feathered hair. That was around 1978 and 1979 so use your imagination. Oh the memories! Cool end of summer air. Night time. The lights and the sounds...

I went to the Utah State Fair yesterday - the last day of the fair. I am so glad I went. Great people watching. Great photo opportunities. AND I attended my first Demolition Derby! One more thing to mark off the bucket list, right?...well, at least to mark off the list of "things I can say I've experienced." It was a lot of fun. I would go again. 

Seeing cars smash into each other is fun. It made me want to try it. The same way I fantasize about smashing all of my dishes and glass ware on the kitchen floor - just once...just for the hell of it...just to see what it would feel like. The thrill of destruction.

My friend "Shake It" iPhone application (if you don't have this you should) helped me capture the moment...another great moment on the Byway...

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