Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th from Switzerland

Happy Independence Day! Hard to believe it is Monday. Hard to believe I left for Europe a week ago tomorrow. I feel as if I've been gone for weeks and weeks - the way vacations often make you feel.

We were in Dusseldorf/Cologne Germany last week for Paul's gallery show at So What Gallery, then we flew on Saturday to Zurich which is where we remain until we leave on Wednesday. It has been a wonderful time in both places, meeting many new interesting people, seeing old friends and site seeing. It has been a whirlwind, as our trips to Europe often are - too much to see, too many people to visit, never enough time. But we are grateful for the opportunities and gladly take what we can get.

This weekend in Zurich felt like a true celebratory, holiday weekend (for us, not for the Swiss) - hanging with friends and enjoying fantastic food, endless wine and beer, and talking and playing cards until dawn; boating on Lake Zurich and docking for a long, luxurious seafood lunch, then later sunning on the boat and jumping into the crisp lake.

We've been moving about so much, socializing with friends here, that I have not had any time to blog. But there will be lots of posts and photos coming soon once I have time to download all of my photographs and time to sit and write. For now here are a few photos from the show in Dusseldorf and some site seeing in Cologne, all shot with iPhone Hipstamatic. Hope you all are having a lovely long holiday weekend and enjoying with family and friends.

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