Thursday, July 14, 2011

Museum Ludwig - Cologne, Germany

We seem to be visiting many art museums and shows a lot lately here on the Byway. Just click on the "Art" label above to see all the "Art" entries and you will see many postings about museum visits. Just over the past year we have been fortunate to visit some major galleries in Washington, Paris, London, Miami, Basel. Now from our most recent Byway adventure we can add the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany and the Kunsthaus Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland to our list.

The Museum Ludwig is conveniently located right next to the Cologne Cathedral and both are worth visiting. The building design and layout are good. The day we went (a Friday afternoon in July) it was delightfully uncrowded. The Museum Ludwig is is a modern art museum with a lot of Pop Art and pieces representing Expressionism, Surrealism and Classical Modernism. It has the third largest Picasso collections in the world - with over 900 works (Barcelona and Paris being numbers 1 and 2). It has an interesting Russian avant-garde collection - something I've seen a lot less of in other museums. Entry fee is 10 Euros - average or less expensive than many museums in Europe.

I shot a few photos with the iPhone. Enjoy!

This piece was composed of thousands of individual caviar eggs, all numbered.  The photo can't do it justice.

Salvador Dali



Crazy crazy sculptures that looked absolutely alive. The photo can't do it justice.

Warhol Elvis

Freaky life like statue - see below about the artist

Huge, awesome painting

Warhol Brillo

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