Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MSB Photo in Travel & Leisure!

Recently I was contacted by Travel & Leisure about using one of my photographs from the Scipio, Utah Flying J petting zoo - one of my favorite stops on Route 15 south in Utah. They found my blog and the photos and wanted to use one for a little piece they were writing up about the petting zoo in their "Kitschiest Roadside Attractions in America" series. For an amateur blogger and photographer, this was quite a compliment. Of course I want to share the love and spread the news of this kitschy roadside attraction!

You can check out the little write up by clicking the Travel & Leisure link here. And if you are a traveler like me, you should explore the site. I knew of Travel & Leisure magazine, but I had never checked out their website before. The site has a lot of great travel and site seeing tips - something we all want to help guide us on our Byway adventures. Happy Travels!

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