Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm in Vegas for Concrete, Baby

Yep. Its true.

I am sitting in our car, in a Wendy's parking lot, in Vegas. I've been sitting here for two hours. On a work conference call. I am simultaneously watching a presentation on line on my computer and participating by cell phone. The mute button is on right now AND I am actually listening. I've asked questions. I've offered suggestions. I am taking notes. I am participating. I can multi-task. Actually this training is coming to an end and I am starting to lose it a little because two hours in a hot car on a phone and computer with the Wendy's drive thru busy for lunch behind me is making me a little nuts. Which is why I started writing this while I still listen as the training session winds down. This is the advantage of being a telecommuter. With my computer, cell phone, wireless internet connection and my own enthusiasm, I can do my job from anywhere - including a car in a Wendy's parking lot in Vegas. Oh the modern world we live in. I do need to get up and stretch my legs soon because my legs are starting to fall asleep. And its hot as hell in this car now.

We woke up at 4:30 am, left the house just after 5 am and got here to Vegas around 10:30 am. Paul drove and I started working in the car, in the dark. I actually get a lot of work done on these road trips. Because I am stuck in the seat for hours of driving.

Why are we in Vegas on a random Thursday afternoon? For concrete. Yes. We are about to attend one of the largest concrete shows in the world. I'm talking about World of Concrete. World of Masonry. At the Las Vegas Convention Center. Since 1975, this is apparently the only annual international event of its kind. Why are we going to this thing? To get ideas for concrete flooring. For the house we are building. And because we know someone who can get us in for free. We weren't going to pay $75/person to attend. And because Vegas is on our way to the desert, where we need to be this weekend to meet with a guy about drilling us a well. call is just about to wrap up and then we head off into the wild world of concrete, followed by dinner and a night staying at the Hard Rock hotel/casino. Here's hoping we get some good ideas for cool concrete floors...and that we see some funny stuff at the trade show. Trade shows are weird, especially when its not your industry or line of work. I can't wait to see what a concrete trade show is going to look like. Stay tuned for a report from Vegas on the World of Concrete World of Masonry trade show.

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