Saturday, January 14, 2012

There's Even a Shoe Tree in Park City!

If you follow my blog you know my obsession with shoe trees ever since discovering my first one out in the California desert on one of our Byway adventures. I've written about shoe trees. I love finding new ones.

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RIP Shoe Tree,  You Shall be Reborn - our discovery of a former shoe tree and a new one on Route 50 in Nevada

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So imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that all this time there has been a shoe tree in my backyard - Park City. To be honest I rarely get into Park City even though its just up the road and my dentist is right outside of the town. However, one day we decided to drive through town just to see it before heading off on a driving adventure around the back way to Orem/Provo and I finally saw it in all its glory. 

You can find this shoe tree (which is quite large) along Deer Valley Drive near Heber Avenue, right next to a park in downtown Park City (which if you've been there you realize is not very large). I am not sure when this shoe tree was started, but I have seen several references to it being around for 30-40 years!  There is even a plaque there about the tree (which I have not yet read). The unique thing about this shoe tree as compared to all the others I've seen out in the desert is that because this is a ski town, you will find a lot of snow shoes and boots in the tree. Check it out next time you are in Park City (perhaps for Sundance which starts next week...). Here are some shots I took. If you know of other shoe trees I should see, please let me know. I want to see them all!

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