Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have You Seen A Shoe Tree?

Oh the fun sites I see on My Scenic Byway!

Have you ever seen a shoe tree? Not a scraggly tree with a few pairs. I mean a HUGE tree with what looks like 100s of shoes hanging from it?

I did last year. On an old stretch of Route 66 in California. I regret not getting a photograph then because we drove by that place again last week and Paul told me it was gone. The tree had died last year. Fallen over. Gone. I was crushed. I was so excited to see this shoe tree again. And there was also a bra tree. A tree full of bras (and a few panties for kicks). I couldn't wait to see the progress of the bra tree! Hey, in the city you have graffiti and cool street art. In the country you have shoe and panty trees. I love it. Sadly the bra tree was also gone. I really don't think I missed it - I think someone took down all the bras. Party poopers!

This shoe tree was located on Route 66 about 1/4 mile east of Roy's Cafe and Motel in Amboy, California. The bra tree was close by. I just did some research on Road Trip America (cool website for travelers) and found out more about the rise, and sadly, the fall, of the Amboy Shoe Tree. Click on the link to check out the cool photos and reporting from travelers. As you can see, it was an awesome shoe tree.

I was able to snap a photo of what I think were the remains of the old shoe tree - now just a sad mess on the ground. Not the grand shoe tree it once was. Notice the cool train in the background.

I was sulking in the car at learning the trees were gone, then suddenly there it was up ahead...A NEW SHOE TREE. Not much there, but it is a start. I did not get a photo of the newly started shoe tree (I don't know why), but I did snap a shot of a what appears to be a new Sock Tree close by. Sorry it is not a better photo. There were about four pairs there, one with a name and date. If I had brought more socks, and a Sharpie, with me on the trip, I would have left a pair behind to support the new work.

According to Roadside America, you can find more Shoe Trees across the US. So, keep your eyes out for Shoe Trees on your Byway. Have you seen any?

We will drive this section of Route 66 every time we head down to our land in the desert, so I will be on the look out for progress on the various trees, and I will take photos and keep you posted of progress. If you find yourself traveling in those parts, remember to bring your extra shoes and socks. I am still disappointed that the bra/panty tree was gone. I might have to start a new one.

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