Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: Jan 17-23

Scenes: Checking out the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Expo. Finally joining the SLC Public Library. Seeing beautiful Utah Lake. Cleaning up my mess of a home office. Bathing the cats. Beautiful, cloudy, winter skies. Finally returning to the gym and starting to get back in shape. Finally getting to check out a Sundance film. Walking my neighborhood in Olympus Hills - I live in an incredibly beautiful neighborhood at the base of the Wasatch is it beautiful. I am still amazed every time I look around.
Ingesting: Rilo Kiley station on Pandora. American Idol...yeah I can't help it. Golden Globes. Piers Morgan. David Letterman. Less food. Cedar Rapids - very funny film at Sundance. 
Loving: My clean office with an old sleeping cat in the corner. The public library. Jorge, Alexa, and Eliana Narvaez and their sky rocket to fame. Getting back to the gym. Coffee. Sleep.

Memories: My former life in Washington, DC. My trip to Ireland...was it really 7 years ago? Slamdance/Sundance in 2008 promoting my friend Virginia's film FrontRunner - my friend's film is awesome and that was a fun trip.
IntriguesSundance and Slamdance. Oprah. Kelsey Grammars divorce. Switching careers to work in something more outdoorsy - park ranger? outdoor retail? The sad news - we already know that small book stores are a dying breed - that even big chain book stores like Borders and Barnes & Noble are in trouble.
Desires: Better times ahead for my friends who are having a rough time of it right now due to loss of loved ones. On a more materialistic front: to go skiing and snowshoeing; a Sprinter Van so we can hit the road and see the wild west; to go camping; ice crampons...don't know if I would use them, but I want 'em! To get my act together early next year for Sundance and see a lot of films. 

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