Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes

Do you like to watch award shows? I used to watch them all the time, and then I started missing them because I traveled a lot and didn't pay much attention to the schedule. I do think it is fun to watch them, especially if you are at home and relaxing or doing things around the house with the show on in the background. It is fun to look at the stars and guess who will win.

I finally got to watch the Golden Globes last night for the first time in a long time. Well, I did not get to see the entire show, but I saw parts of it. What was really unique, and why I did not get to see the entire show, is that I watched the show on an airplane. Isn't it crazy that now on US flights you can be on the internet and watch live television? Having that along with snacks and Coke Zero and an empty seat between my husband and me - that is not a bad way to spend a flight!

I missed some parts when the flight crew would interrupt with updates - of course they would never interrupt during the commercials, only right when they would be announcing an award. We also missed the end because we landed. We planned to watch what we missed when we got home, but sadly our recording was bumped by some conflicting recordings. I was able to read about the final results on line and the show is airing again on Tuesday on some station so we plan to watch that to catch what we missed. If you missed the show, check the schedule for Tuesday.

Anyway, this is what I got from watching the Golden Globe show. What did you get from it?
  • Justin Bieber. I just do not get it. I just read that he is 16 and fooling around with Selena Gomez who is 18. I am sorry but he does not look older than 11.
  • The obvious. Why do so many female stars wear so many bad dresses? There are always bad dresses. Is that just part of the whole package?
  • I love that Christian Bale. I don't really want to see The Fighter because boxing movies don't interest me at all, but I think I have to because it has Bale and Wahlberg and it is getting great reviews. And by the way, I had no idea that Christian Bale had that accent! And, if you never saw his movie The Machinist, oh man, you must see it. He is an incredible actor. Also, he was the best Batman.
  • Ricky Gervais has lost a lot of weight.
  • I love that Robert Downey Jr. Sigh. And Mark Ruffalo. And James Franco. And Matt Damon. I think I might need to revise my list.
  • I love Annette Benning. I am so happy she won! I love her funky glasses. I think she is a great actress. I love that she is aging gracefully. I love that she hooked Warren Beatty and kept him.
  • Anne Hathaway annoys me. I know she shouldn't, but she does. I want to like her, but she just bugs me.
  • Why was The Tourist nominated - Jolie and Pitt? I heard nothing but bad things about this film. I did not even know it was a comedy!
  • I need to see all the Toy Story movies. I saw Despicable Me on a plane and thought it was really cute.
  • Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt. It just seems like she is always kind of lost. She has had a lot of lost love and there was all that picking on her about her weight. I remember she always wanted to be a singer, but never made it. She had that tv show (that I never watched), but I think it was canceled.
  • Claire Danes looked hot. I want to see that film.
  • What is up with Sandra Bullock's hair? But good for her for showing up at the awards in spite of what happened last year at this time with her LOSER of an ex husband.
  • I am happy that Laura Linney won for The Big C. I have always loved her and I think that show is fantastic. Have you seen it? It is really funny and bittersweet. I cried my eyes out on the season finale.
  • I loved Glee, but I am tired of it now. I think Modern Family should have won. That show is really funny.
  • I saw Black Swan this weekend and I think Natalie Portman totally deserved that award.
  • I guess I need to see The Social Network.

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