Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fall of Man

I like this painting at the National Gallery in Washington, DC.

It is called "The Fall of Man."

Interesting that there is a cat down there in the left corner of the painting...

What does this mean? Where's the snake? 
Is this trying to convey to us that felines are evil? Tools of the Devil?
I know a lot of people feel that way. Not me.
Or did cats get kicked out of the garden with us?


  1. Funny that you say "there's a cat in the photograph" - I hope you mean the photo of the painting. ;) I like to think that the cat is man's best friend... but I am biased.

  2. arrgh! i can't believe i wrote photograph instead of painting! thanks for catching that. i changed it. i love cats too. i just think it is interesting to have this cat at the garden of eden right by adam and eve as they are mid act of "the fall"