Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank You

Hello Fellow Travelers (new and old),

I just wanted to say thanks for joining me on My Scenic Byway.

I've been blogging now for just over four months and it has been a lot of fun. I try to post at least one entry every day and I often blog more. What can I say? I have a lot of Scenes to share.

While I haven't seen my Follower numbers (14) grow very fast during these four months, I can see from reviewing my Stats that the number of viewers and views has grown tremendously. Yesterday I hit my 5,000 page views mark, which feels pretty darn good. So, I know there are more than 14 of you out there reading my blog. Thank you! I am glad you are finding the blog, and in many cases returning over and over again. I am happy that you are enjoying and finding some interest in my attempt to share what I see.

I am interested how you locate my blog. Of course I know how the people I know found it - they hear it from me via Facebook and my email and my conversations. I think I know who is reading me in the UK, France, Canada, Philippines, India, Georgia, Liberia, but I wonder about my visitors from places like Russia, Denmark, Malaysia, Ukraine, Sweden, Argentina, etc. I even had a recent visitor from Jersey! Not the State, home of Snookie and The Situation, but one of the Channel Islands. It is great to have viewers from many different countries. Who ever you are, I hope you will return, and often. I hope you will leave comments, ask questions, and share your own Byway insights.

I still love that out of all the google searches that land people on my blog, people searching for information about bedbugs and the Bed Bug Registry are the most numerous. Followed by those searching for Adrian Brody. (Blogger provides some Stats information to help you see who comes to your blog and how they arrive there.) It is nice to know that others out there are as obsessed as I am about bed bugs. I guess it is probably time I did more writing about bedbugs to ensure you will return.

I am amazed that someone from Comcast contacted me offering assistance after I posted about my negative experience with Comcast. If this guy really follows through then I am going to sing a whole new tune about Comcast.

It was a lot of fun having someone from DC Blogs (Jan 18 reporting) pick up one of my posts writing about Washington, DC. I was not aware of DC Blogs until then. It is a very cool site so check it out. Maybe I should start something similar for Salt Lake? Hmmm....interesting idea.

If you like to read my blog and read it regularly, please consider becoming a Follower via blogger or Facebook. I can see that a lot of people are reading, and some regularly, and I would love to know who you are. I would like to know who comes back time and time again to visit. Who knows, more Followers might land me the Blog of Note on Blogger some day. A girl can dream can't she?

Thank you always for your feedback and comments. I want more! Please don't be afraid to leave comments. I love the feedback and the dialogue, and I will always respond...although my responses show up as comments behind your comments. I haven't figured out how to ensure that a person who leaves a comment can be notified that I have responded. Is there a way to do that?

And, please use the "scenic, beautiful, interesting, funny" check boxes found near the comments section for each blog entry. I want this feedback. Did you even know those were there? If you read a blog entry and find it to be one of those things, then please check it. If you have some ideas for other words (be nice now!), please tell me.

If you are a friend via Facebook, I am sorry you might be seeing double postings of my entries. I am still trying to work out all of the kinks of linking My Scenic Byway with Facebook. It has been a frustrating process, and from what I have read online, it appears that I am not alone in having problems doing this with Facebook.

In the coming months I plan to be writing more and more about what it is like to live in and experience Utah and the West. I plan to write more about our land in the California desert and our plans to build a fabulous get-away there, off the grid and away from the maddening crowds. And you know I am always, always on the move here on the Scenic Byway, so there will be photos and writings about the places I visit. With any place I visit I try to share information that interests me and might interest you. Los Angeles is coming up next month. I hope to have a work trip to the Republic of Georgia and another one to Liberia soon. We might be going to Italy in the Spring. I want to visit a friend in Jerusalem before he moves this year and I have an invitation to Beirut. Things are always changing and flowing on the Byway, but no matter where we go, I guarantee it will be Scenic.

Thanks again!



  1. Wendy, you are such a natural blogger! Such daily dedication is remarkable. I am a huge fan - definitely adding My Scenic Byway to my links on my site. BTW, don't know if I show up as a follower or not, I have you on my Google reader feed. I'll be looking forward to your LA trip, find us some good tourist destinations! -Heather

  2. Thanks Heather! Appreciate the positive feedback. Will be writing a lot about LA.

  3. Hey! You do have a visitor from Jersey, USA! ............NOT the Snooky version, but the huuuuuuge deli sandwiches, 12 miles from Center City, Cherry Hill mall, 12 school districts w/in 20 miles, fresh food markets w/ Jersey corn and tomatoes, a week at the shore VERSION! The first time i experienced a "circle" was the "airport one" just off the Ben Franklin Bridge - where there is no airport -in your grandfather's car in 1961. Yep! Your Mother, or grandmother, needed to exchange a pair of shoes. My first time on the BF Bridge, my first time on Rt 130 - now that was an experience! Who knew that 15 years later it would be well known territory to me. I came to Jersey, your Mother came to Franklin Co.....what a switch!?!.......jean