Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: Jan 24 - 30

I think it was a pretty mellow week...
Scenes:  A lot of work. The gym. Red Butte Garden - where we got married last September. The Paris bistro in downtown SLC - love it love it. A high school dance recital (my niece was in it). Discovered The Kings English bookstore.
Ingesting: Cheesecake Factory - and then I went into a food coma. Steak frites and wine like we had in Paris. Indian buffet - the only buffets I like. I ate enough for the entire day. Cedar Rapids premier at Sundance. True Grit (finally). Shirley Valentine (an old favorite - have you ever seen it? It still works even though its from the was a play and then a movie in 1989. I absolutely love this film). The SAG awards. 
Loving: My new, and first, King bed. My new work out shoes (I don't dare call them running shoes as I am not back to running yet...but it is coming soon...). That I finally did some yoga - after not doing it for so long. My new iPhone apps. Click the link to check out Time's list of 50 best apps 2011.

Memories: Funny I didn't do a lot of remembering this week, but I sure did have a lot of vivid, crazy, detailed dreams that I woke up remembering every morning. Weird stuff. Is that due to the new bed? Working out? I usually don't do this.
Intrigues: Autobiographical memory and this cool 60 Minutes story I read about it. What is happening in Egypt and the potential outcomes.
Desires: New work out pants. More yoga. Join a book club.

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