Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: Jan 10-16

Scenes: Flying to and from Washington, DC. Working back at the old office in Crystal City, VA. Annual work planning retreat at Landsdowne Resort. Staying at the Helix Hotel. Happy hour at the Hotel Dupont with friends. Seeing the National Gallery. Visiting friends and family.
Ingesting: Old Fashions. Spanish food. Pizza Paradiso. Chopt! Tacklebox seafood. Black Swan - great film. Harpers Magazine. The Fifth Dimension (yes, the one with Marilyn McCoo). She and Him. The Golden Globes.
Loving: Seeing my old friends and my ex-husband's family - I miss all of them! My new Kiehls skin care products. Our latest wedding presents (thanks Tina & family and Seth!).

Memories: My former life in Washington, DC. Torrey Hall at Mount Holyoke College (brought on by someone posting a fabulous group photo on FB from 1988)! My first real date with my husband - he came to DC to visit and stayed at the Helix hotel, so we wanted to stay there together to remember.
IntriguesBlack Swan - I can't stop thinking about this movie.
Desires: To return to DC soon and have more time to spend with my friends. For my friend to be posted in India so we have an excuse to get back to India. To do more serious cooking and start making serious cocktails. A King size bed. A new iPhone. To take a writing class.

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