Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Utah Lake

Yesterday My Scenic Byway led me to Utah Lake. While you can see this lake for miles and miles driving from Salt Lake south, around Orem and Provo, I had never been over close to see the lake. This is NOT the Great Salt Lake. This is a different lake.

Utah Lake is a huge lake. I am not exaggerating when I say you can drive for miles and miles around Utah south of Salt Lake and see it off in the distance. It is the third largest natural fresh water lake west of the Great Lakes. Who knew? The two larger ones are Lake Tahoe (California and Nevada border) and Flathead Lake (Montana).  Click the link above to learn more about the lake. Utah Lake has a sad history into the late 1960s, like many American lakes, of chemical pollution. I guess there have been efforts to clean it up, and there is some recreational use on the lake, but it does not seem to be used like a place like Lake Tahoe.

We visited an area along the lake that is kind of remote, although close to development. It is just off a small road, with not much traffic, near some former industrial area. Thankfully someone had the good idea to build a bike trail there along this part of the lake that runs down to a small marina (with no boats). We walked the trail and saw almost no one.

The weather was great yesterday. It was not very cold and the sky was full of gorgeous clouds. The lake was frozen over, but the layers of ice can sometimes look like waves. Sometimes looking out across the water, with fog low across the water, some of the mountains on the other side looked more like islands rising out of an ocean. At the end of the trail near the marina we saw these shapes out on the ice and realized they were people ice fishing! I've never seen that before outside of television and movies.

What a beautiful day to see that beautiful lake.

Looking like an island in the ocean.
Ice fishing.
My Love.

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