Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obsessing on Death Valley

I've got Death Valley on my brain. I still can't get the place out of my head. I was so blown away by its beauty - I can't wait to get back there and see more!!! We made a very brief half day visit. The place is worth it if that is all you can do, but you will want to do more. I say put this on your list of must see places. Make your Byway take you there. You won't regret it. I will be blogging soon about recommendations for places to stay and eat in the area.

Death Valley, nestled between the Armagosa mountains to the east and the Panamint mountains to the west, is home to the lowest, driest and hottest locations in North America. Did you know that the lowest and highest elevations in the United States are here, only 84.6 miles apart? Those would be Death Valley and Mount Whitney to the west.

Death Valley National Park has 3 million acres (!!) of land, or 5,262 square miles. The salt pan on the floor of Death Valley (seen in my photo further below) runs 40 miles long and 5 miles wide.

Winter is definitely the time to see the park. We were there on December 30 and it was sunny and cool. I would not want to visit in July when the temperatures are at their highest record breaking temperatures. It might not be so beautiful then...

Below are some photos from my husband. He takes gorgeous photos and makes me look good :)

Looking out across the Devil's Golf Course - amazing.

I am in love with this rock that looks like some kind of alien being.
My photo of Paul walking out onto the salt lake bed. 
My photo of my feet on the salt lake. At this point you are standing at the lowest elevation in North America - 282 feet below sea level.
See the tiny people out there walking on the ridges?

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